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Leistungen von Magali Friseur in Berlin Halensee am Kudamm

Enjoy with us your all-round feel-good experience directly on the Kurfürstendamm: It does not matter if only washing and blow-drying or elaborate hair extensions – with us you are in the right place with your wishes. Our standard services include cutting, dyeing, eyebrow dyeing and plucking,
and eyelash dyeing. In addition, hair extensions are our passion. We work with all common methods (click here for detailed info / link to the methods) and have years of experience in dealing with extensions. You want to convince yourself of our expertise and make an appointment? Here you will find our contact details and here you can find the price list.

Balayage, Ombré and Co. with Olaplex

You want a new hair color, radiant accents or colorful highlights? Then visit our salon in Berlin-Mitte and be advised by our team. With the hair-friendly Olaplex system (click here / link to the products page) we color your hair in the desired color or set exciting accents with the balayage technique. Even the perennial favorite among the color trends – the trendy Ombré – we conjure in hair. You do not know which color you like? Then let our team help you. We advise you in detail about which trends are just announced and give tips on choosing the right hair color, get in touch with us here.

Long and thick hair – your desire, our passion

You want long and voluminous hair or always wanted to try out extensions in bright colors? Then come over! Because we offer a variety of methods of hair extension and compression:

Brazilian method

The Brazilian hair extension is a very gentle method to attach our human hair extensions. For this purpose, we take tiny strands of foreign hair together and tie them with an elastic thread to the own hair. We repeat this at a distance of about one finger width next to, above and below the desired places. This allows very natural results to be achieved and the great advantage: The own hair is not welded or glued and the extensions hold bombproof. You do not want the extensions anymore? Then we simply remove your bonds without solvents.

Tape method

The tape method is the “quickie” under the hair extensions: We conjure you in a short time a flowing mane with real hair extensions. Here we attach the foreign hair strands by means of adhesive strips on your own hair. This method is much faster than, for example, the Brazilian Extensions, because we can work on larger areas of hair. In addition, so the own hair is not strained, as the weight of the foreign hair spread over larger strands. After about 6-8 weeks you should put the strands higher, so that the bonds are not visible.

Bonding method

The bonding method is probably the most well-known procedure to get full hair. We take single strands of your own hair and attach by means of ultrasound the foreign hair strands about 1 cm from the scalp. The sound waves penetrate the keratin of the bonding and connect it with the own hair. Also, for this method you should bring a little patience, because depending on the desired result, the incorporation of the extensions can take several hours.

Weave method

Weaving is also a very gentle method of hair extension. Here we first weave along the scalp so-called Cornrows (very fine braids). Then we attach the human hair tresses to it with a seam. With the Weave method, we achieve more volume and an extra length without straining the natural hair. On the contrary: By braiding your own hair is even protected and continues to grow without being damaged. In this method, we work without chemicals, solvents, heat, etc. This allows you to style the extensions just like your own hair. Every six to eight weeks you should renew the extension of us.


The hair extension with Rasta pots conjures extra length and an extraordinary appearance. You can choose the foreign hair in any color and get great accents and highlights without having to dye your own hair. To do this, we braid extensions and human hair into pigtails that hold particularly well and are sealed at the end. Big advantage: With Rastas, the scalp does not grease so quickly so it is sufficient to wash your hair only twice a week.

Microring method

With the Microring method, we achieve a natural result in a short time: With a kind of embroidery needle, we attach a small ring around the hairline. In these we then introduce the strand of foreign hair and then clamp it together with a pair of pliers. The advantage of the Microring method lies in the ease of handling and the easy transfer: If the ring has grown out so far that it is visible, we simply loosen it and place the strand back in the desired position with a new micro-ring.

French braids

French braids are similar to Rastas. We braid synthetic hair into our own hair and thus achieve an exciting look and a beautiful, new length. Even colorful highlights or ombré effects can be easily achieved.